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Gratitude Tapping – What are you thankful for today?
Before you tap please read the disclaimer at www.energysense.in 
“The Secret by Rhonda Byrne teaches how gratitude can help change your thinking. And once your thinking begins to change, so will your life”.
Researchers have found that people with an “attitude of gratitude” are in better physical health, sleep better, spend more time exercising and have lower levels of stress hormones in their blood. They have also found that grateful people tend to be more optimistic, a unique characteristic that boosts their immune system.  A simple act of gratitude tapping when practiced regularly brings significant improvement in your life. Many people say “I have nothing to be grateful for.” That’s not true! Remember, everything counts and the most powerful gratitude tapping round is when you change a bad/negative moment to a positive experience and learning. So before you go to bed it’s always good to do few rounds of gratitude tapping.
Make a note of one thing that you are thankful for today, few common examples: My boss was very happy with my performance; I had a good time with parents, I’m happy with myself etc. 
Find the picture for the tapping points on the website.
KARATE CHOP: Even though being grateful and thankful for the day is not what I am, still I love and accept myself.
EYEBROW: Today, I’m grateful for this one thing _______________ ,
SIDE OF EYE: I thank the universe for giving me what I wanted,
UNDER EYE: I choose to feel good and better no matter what,
NOSE: I’m grateful for everything in my life,
CHIN: I’m grateful for having lovely family & friends,
COLLARBONE: I love myself for who I’m today & what I’m becoming,
UNDER ARM: I love feeling so grateful and happy,
HEAD: I choose to attract more positivity in life.
Continue 2 more rounds and feel the difference in you…
In case of any queries, please feel free to contact.


This was the first video I watched and copied- immediate lift. Try it when you feel like it, and let me know what you think.

Some other tips about EFT from Gala Darling

Other things about using EFT:
<3 Be as specific as you possibly can. Don’t just tap on “even though I’m unhappy”, tap on “even though my boyfriend puts me down” or “even though my clothes don’t fit”, etc.
<3 Be persistent! Keep going! Tap on anything negative you can think of. It’s quite a strange process, I often find that after I’ve released something, I forget what it was to begin with. It’s like it just drops right out of your body… so sometimes it feels like you haven’t made a lot of progress. You will make huge progress, though, so stick at it!
<3 Drink water before & after you tap. Just like having a massage, tapping releases toxins into your body, & you need to flush them out.
<3 It can be really tiring, so if you’re feeling exhausted, have a sleep as soon as you can.
<3 If you’re feeling anxious about ANYTHING, just tap the karate chop point until you feel it subside. I do this all the time, & you can even do it walking around the city, especially if you have headphones on ;>
<3 When you’re tapping on an issue, keep going around & around until you feel like the emotions have subsided. 
<3 You can seriously use it for anything. Hating yourself, insomnia, inability to concentrate, etc.
<3 If you’re currently in counselling or doing other healing, try using EFT in conjunction with it, I am sure you will have amazing results.
<3 Everyone I know who has seriously applied EFT to their problems has made HUGE progress, even the really cynical people.

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A very unusual genetic color variation in white-tailed deer — rarer even than albinism — produces all-black offspring in that species which are known as “melanistic” or “melanic” deer.

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